beautiful lake trout to start off the day

Lake Michigan, USA – Salmon Fishing!

While visiting family in the US, I had the opportunity to charter a boat and try my hand at fishing Lake Michigan.  My Dad and eldest son came along, and … Continue Reading →

know your sushi

Know your Tuna Sashimi

For all you Tuna lovers out there, here is a handy guide to the various cuts!

yellowfin tuna - Thunnus albacares

Offshore Rigs – 2016

It is time for the annual offshore trip, where I try my hand at chasing large fish in unfamiliar waters.  If there is anything that these trips teach me, its … Continue Reading →


May 2016 Catch Report – Sweetlips near Nine Pins

It has been far too long since I got out on the water, so I called a friend to enjoy one of the few decent days in May.  It has been … Continue Reading →

Indo-pacific Tarpon

Dec 26th 2015 Catch Report – A final toss of the hook for the year

On a whim, I decided to take my nephew out fishing last minute.  Thanks to the awesome guys who run the Fortuna, they have reliable open trips going basically every … Continue Reading →

Blue Flower Crab

Crabs, Eels, and a new fish on the block

Fall is just around the corner, and the usual summer suspects are heading south to warmer climes.  This transition period in Hong Kong always produces some interesting results when fishing; … Continue Reading →

floral croaker

Sept 12th 2015 Catch Report – Croakerville

Light morning showers gave way to a steady breeze and cool weather.  Strong easterly September winds prevented us from going to far out, so we stayed in relatively sheltered bays … Continue Reading →

Longfin Tuna

Thailand Fishing Adventure

My wife and I recently had the amazing opportunity to try a fishing charter off Phuket.  We did a combination of trolling and bottom fishing, targeting pelagics as well as … Continue Reading →


July 11th 2015 Catch Report – Mackerel Mayhem

With a typhoon blowing itself out the day before fishing, most of us were pessimistic about the fishing.  This is mackerel season, and the bite has been on lately, according … Continue Reading →

mack tuna

June 20th 2015 Catch Report – Oil Rig Action!

I was in the mood for something different than my usual inshore bottom fishing antics, so decided to try out for the first time some offshore trolling and jigging at … Continue Reading →